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Why Mayweather Will Outbox McGregor To An Easy Victory

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So, we’re all set. It’s been confirmed and now all we have to do is check off the days on our calendars till we get to view the much anticipated and down right deserved spectacle that is Mayweather-McGregor.

Lets get off the bat right away and tell it like it truly is. Clearly this fight can only go one way, it’s a dream for the boxing machine that is Mayweather. The man’s entire life has centered around boxing, and sure he is the more mature of the two, and yes he does suffer from constant pain in both hands, but lets not even try to deny the simple truth that this man is not just a boxing legend but a master of the field.

McGregor Is Simply Not A Good Enough Boxer

Now, of course I would be remiss to not mention the fact that McGregor is also an artist, and he certainly has got himself some heavy hands. But that’s part of the problem right there, in his journey to become one of the most dangerous athletes alive at present times, he has trained ever single aspect of the fighting game.

Those heavy hands are in sync with some fast feet, a python grip set to choke the wind out of the most durable of buffaloes, and a sprawl flexible enough to make any elite wrestler take note. He is the Swiss army knife of fighters, but in this analogy Mayweather is just a plain old simple knife, and in a knife fight you don’t require access to; scissors, tweezers, or a little magnifying glass.

Advantage Mayweather

The advantage clearly falls to the boxer and it’s madness to assume otherwise. If this was a jiu-jitsu fight set to take place between the two in some Las Vegas dojo no one would dare to cheer in the Mayweather corner, and frankly it’s insulting to the legend that so many fight fans are openly willing to run and ride the McGregor hype train.

The fight has to happen, there is no question there. People need answers to these kind of mismatched hypotheticals just so that they can ease their beer-bantered pub talk. But as for the match, well it’s going to be over fairly quickly as we get to see a master at his trade pick apart a more than willing victim.

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