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Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning – Greatest Quarterback?

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Tom Brady is standing in the pantheon of the greatest quarterbacks after Patriots won the Super Bowl of Brady-Belich era for the fifth time. Even if the general option is that Tom Brady is the best, some still dispute in a post-Super Bowl talk about Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady and merits of one or another player.

The two legendary quarterbacks that gave rise to a rivalry which lasted for 16 years marked an era, modifying the understanding of QB’s role in football.

The Rivalry In Numbers

Ever since Manning was in power at the Indianapolis Colts and Brady was taken by Patriots, the two had been rivals, often contending the AFC throne. Brady first achieved the triumphs with the 2002, 2004 and 2005 victories, winning 3 Super Bowl, and Manning reached the Super Bowl in 2007 by winning with the Colts and then dropping two more in 2010 and 2014, the latter in The Broncos jersey.

This challenge, far from arid numbers, also speaks of incredible situations, starting with the fate they had at the time of the Draft: Manning was chosen as the number one draft pick, coming into the league as a college champion with incredible talent.

Brady was chosen as the 199th draft pick. Manning played fantastic games with Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and Joseph Addai as one of the strongest attacks in the history. Brady was pushed as the starting quarterback after the injury of Drew Bledsoe, bringing his team a Super bowl with his great leadership skills.

Head To Head Matchup

In 16 battles, Brady leads with 11 wins against Manning 5, in the playoffs the two met 4 times with 2 wins each. Brady launched for 4013 yards, 32 TDs and 14 intercepts, while Manning has launched more yards (4809 yards), more TD (33), but also more intercepts, with 22.

If we look at the numbers they are pretty close to even, but it’s the number of super bowl victories that separate the two. Even those who stood against Tom Brady have acknowledged him as the best quarterback ever, with 2017’s come back victory against the Atlanta Falcons as the final piece to cementing his legacy as the greatest quarterback ever.

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