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Editor: Andre Slocombe
Email: aslocombe@sportsentertain.com
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Bio: Andre was born and raised on a beautiful island in the Caribbean called Barbados. He migrated to the United States at the age of 15 years old. From young he was interested in sports, primarily basketball and track and field. His aspirations was to play basketball professionally, but with that not materializing he turned his attention to web development.

Being the founder and editor for SportsEntertain.com, Andre continues to use his web development skills to create websites for a number of up and coming businesses as well as established companies. His goal is to make SportsEntertain.com a household name within the sporting industry.

Staff Writer:
Anderson Cox
Email: acox@sportsentertain.com
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Bio: Anderson Cox is a lover of various sports and he enjoys seeing a good, clean and competitive game. His love for sports is the driving force behind the many articles you will see from him.

Anderson has seen his share of dynamic sporting moments. With a good grasp of the English Language, his thoughts will be displayed by his pen. With a knowledge of sports in hand and the desire to win in his blood, you can expect to see great content.

Staff Writer: Charles McCalister
Email: cmccalister@sportsentertain.com
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Bio: Charles has been covering sports for over three decades. He’s contributed to countless articles and content from around the web and now he’s brought his talents to SportsEntertain.com. As one of our lead contributors we are very grateful to have Charles as part of our team.

Staff Writer: Alicia Springer
Email: apsringer@sportsentertain.com
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Alicia is one of the most recent members of SportsEntertain.com. She’s been writing online for the past 5 years, with her main focus on sports and entertainment. Due to her extensive writing background and her keen interest in sports she’s fit right in with the SportsEntertain.com writing team.

Staff Writer: Amelia Brathwaite
Email: abrathwaite@sportsentertain.com
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Amelia is a die hard New York sporting teams fan. Whether it is the Yankees, the Knicks or the Rangers, she’s been covering those sports teams on her blog networks. We reached out to Alicia after reading one of her articles online, and she accepted a writing position with SportsEntertain.com.

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