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Raleigh’s Major League Soccer Stadium Plight

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Drama begins to unfold in the soccer world in the State of North Carolina as the unveiled their artistic impression of what the new soccer stadium would look like once finished. The main issue is getting this beautiful structure built at a staggering cost of US $150 million.

The location for the new stadium is Peace Street in Raleigh and awaits the approval of the N.C. General Assembly. They are the ones who will have to sanction the sale of the land, since it is State owned.

Key Names For Project

Apparently, North Carolina FC has hired a lobbyist who is working together with John Kane a North Hills developer. This development has figures of US $750 million, and will include 2 new State office buildings. This doesn’t mean that approval will come easy and that is due mostly legislature.

NCFC President Curt Johnson has said that “The tenor so far has been good”. Owner of NCFC Stephen Malik preferred a non downtown location because of the Government buy-in with such projects. Nevertheless plans moved forward with a downtown site because of the desire by fans for such a move. It also seems to be what MLS wanted as well.

The design is the work of architecture firm Gensler, who are noted for their work in the designs of the new MLS stadium in Los Angeles and Toronto’s BMO Field.

Hometown Support Is Evident

Strong backing from Raleigh Leaders was also a strong point with choosing downtown as the place for the stadium. They believe that having a stadium of this sort would generate more development in the area. Their desire is to take Raleigh to the next level. The support was enormous and it also appears to have the backing of many, but still will be very challenging.

The main challenges of such a project is getting the land which requires Government assistance and traffic because of the area. The completion date isn’t set, but the date mentioned is 2020 at earliest. The project realistically is expected to be completed later. Progress, traffic wise is expected with use of Capital Boulevard corridor and Wake Transit’s planned rail system.

Another point worth noting is that 11 other Cities have also been working on the very same thing and have compelling cases to make. These issues with legislature as mentioned before make it a steep hill to climb.

Wake County Commissioner John Burns said the transit plan should be much further than it is now, by the time the stadium is built. Making getting in and out of town much easier. Parking should be taken care of as well for all those traveling by vehicle, especially during weekend events.

“You can’t help but be overwhelmed,” the MLS President Mark Abbot is quoted as saying, he later clarified his statement by saying he found the project compelling. It seems timing isn’t a problem for this project, just the ones that were mentioned previously. Needless to say the drama has unfolded and only time will tell in regards to the future of the new MLS stadium in Raleigh North Carolina.

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