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Lonzo Ball Drafted To The Los Angeles Lakers – Will He Make An Impact?

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The obvious answer…no one really knows but with stats like this kid and his down to earth personality, he will definitely make a name for himself. That in itself will make an impact on the LA Lakers. Lonzo has not only skill but he has tremendous on court vision and basketball IQ.

How Lonzo Ball Can Make An Impact?

In the previous season the Lakers ranked 26th overall in assists per game, as a point guard that lead the NCAA while at UCLA with his pass first mentality, Lonzo Ball will create plays for his teammates from any point on the court and elevate their game play as a result as they encompass his selfless style.

Also included in his arsenal is a jump shot from beyond the arch, though unorthodox it is very effective. This will surely boost the Lakers lackluster three-point rating, as they were 22nd in the last year. Additional Ball can fly by a defender as they attempt to stop his jump shot and head to the rim, not to mention his upbeat style of play that everyone will just love him, especially the Lakers’ fans. This combination will force any team in the NBA while defending him into an impossible decision.

Will LaVar Ball Be A Distraction?

Many have speculated that his father LaVar will be a distraction, however as this never fazed Lonzo throughout his basketball life thus far and in his own words, they said it about him in High School and College and he doesn’t think it will affect him now. His father’s outrageous statements are all over the media, Lonzo has to continue being himself and stay focus on playing basketball as he always has.

Ball is quite an exceptional player who has won at every level from his time at Chino Hill High School with the Huskies to his tenure at UCLA with the Bruins; this winning attribute that follows him doesn’t seem that it will change anytime soon.

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