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Kyrie Irving Requests Trade But Will His Request Be Honored?

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One of the biggest shockers for the NBA offseason is the request by Kyrie Irving to be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team he helped lead to three consecutive NBA Finals combined with LeBron James. However, it is reported that Irving doesn’t want to be known as James’ wingman anymore. This leaves the Cavaliers with a serious issue to consider, as James has another year before becoming a free agent.

According to several sources very close to the situation, the Cavaliers believe with great confidence that they can snag a fortune for the likes of Kyrie Irving and they are also displaying real signs that a trade is almost inevitable. They also believe that there is very little chance of saving the relationship between Irving and Cleveland.

What’s Next For Kyrie?

Kyrie Irving is not the first superstar to concoct his way to a larger, more influential role or to pack his bags and leave, but he is probably the first to leave the somewhat guaranteed chance of playing for a championship at such a high level. Most players suck it up and swallow their ego for a chance at a ring.

However, the Cavs do not have to honor the request. Irving is under contract for another two years, so technically the Cavalier can opt to keep Irving, but given the way in which this has unfolded and Lebron James being singled out as one of the main reasons for Irving wanting to leave (albeit James complement the skill set of Irving almost perfectly). It is highly unlikely that Cleveland would not honor the trade as the awkwardness that would ensue between Irving and James would probably tear the entire team apart.

This request once granted could also ruin the career of Irving altogether, one would only hope that he really knows what he is asking for and that he could stand the test of time and become an all-time star.

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