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Jason Jordan Is Kurt Angle’s Son – What’s Next For The Rising Star?

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Jordan being revealed as the son of RAW General Manager Kurt Angle is a dramatic story-line that promises to be filled with sensationalism. This is a make or break moment for Jordan, coming from a lackluster American Alpha, that struggled on SmackDown because what appeared to be a void in personality.

This announcement of Jordan being the newest member of the Raw roster and Angles’ son has thrown Jordan into the limelight where his personality is definitely required to carry promos and the story-line that is to follow. Even with his raw talent, he will have to step up his game. Be looking over the shoulder of his father whenever big decisions are being made, be at his side for huge announcements, making sure he is always in the scenario.

What’s To Come From This Story-Line?

There is a lot that can unfold from this announcement, so many story-lines can be created, the backlash, the match-ups, and tag teams, not to mention the conflict of interest, as Angle will be mentoring his son moving forward and be at ring side for his matches giving moral support and probably a helping hand at times.

Jordan can go very far, riding this train, he has already secured his spot as one of the top stars on RAW just from this story already. This could eventually lead to Jordan facing off with Angle after some rift between the two, which would be a major accomplishment for Jordan, win or lose.

No one knows for sure, what’s next for the up and coming rising star, WWE could have something very special planned, that could result in Angle returning to the ring, maybe to face Triple H, or Angle and Jordan in a tag team against whoever. Whatever it is, it will be interesting to see the developments and for sure the fans will be craving it.

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