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What Has Happened To The Heavyweight Division In Boxing?

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The Heavyweight Division is still around just not as entertainment as it was a couple of years back. In today’s world of sports the media follows ‘money’, and the fact that boxing heavyweight division has been lacking an American champion for years has caused the hype to fizzle.

There are thirty seven sanctioning bodies in the world of boxing and each has its own version of a heavyweight championship belt, this has saturated the sport and lead to a vast drop in following of the division. If asked, who the heavyweight champion of the world? You get a response like, how much time do you have; then there is much need for concern.

The Era of Klitscko

The dominance of Vitali and Wladmir Klitscko since the retirement of Lennox Lewis in 2003 is another major blow to the division. They have a serious grip on the heavyweight division. It is clear that a lack of serious competition equals a lack of interest.

There needs to be a fantastic rivalry that would make the hairs on your back stand straight, people remember the days of Tyson versus Holyfield, it made you want to buy tickets to watch or pay for it to show on your television.

The fact that from a young age many athletes are not offered the opportunity to have boxing as an option or an alternative to other sports like football or basketball. The pull that the NFL and NBA has is quite strong on high school and college kids. Also the various forms of martial arts is on a raise in terms of popularity.

The division might never see a revival to its once acclaimed status, but it can still regain some level of respectability, because all most fans want to see is a good fight and once that can be offered heavyweight boxing will live on, just not like it once did.  

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