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Doc Rivers Loses Role As President Of Basketball Operations With Los Angeles Clippers

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Steve Ballmer, the owner of LA Clippers, announced that Doc Rivers will be returning to his main job of head coach and that he will be relieved of his front-office duties. Rivers was the head coach as well as the president of basketball operations. Despite his shift to being only the head coach, Rivers will still be involved in organizational and personnel matters of the franchise and will work along with Lawrence Frank, the VP of basketball operations.

Frank will now work with Dave Wohl, the General Manager, and oversee the team’s basketball operations.
Rivers and Frank will both reported directly to Ballmer. The owner stated that there is and has always been a strong professional and personal bond between the two and this awesome relationship will allow them to further their shared vision about the future of the franchise.

Ballmer Thought It Was Time For A Change

Ballmer told reporters that he has been the owner of the franchise for the past 3 years. He has now truly understood the responsibilities of a team owner. He also has a better understanding about coaching and running a franchise and how each entails enormous responsibilities and differences in approach. The owner clarified that the change in duties is not related to the notion that one person will not be able to give due attention to the two different aspects of running a franchise. The change was needed to allow them to be as good as they can be and become a championship team. There was a need for two strong individuals to function at their best and build the team upwards into a huge force in the NBA.

Ballmer added that players need different kinds of relationships with the front office and the coach. Frank was put in charge by Rivers to look after the non-coaching functions at the front office and Lawrence did not disappoint. In fact, the fantastic job done by Frank allowed the franchise to take the decision of relieving Rivers of the front office duties so that he can put in all his energies into coaching and building a strong champion team.

The LA Clippers will be incorporating 9 new players into the roster after the trade of All-Star guard Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets in free agency in June 2017. Over the past 4 years as the coach of LA Clippers, the regular-season record of Rivers is 217-111, while the playoffs record is 18-22. He won the 2008 NBA championship and reached the NBA Finals two times as the coach of the Celtics.

After the Atlanta Hawks, the LA team is the second franchise to have moved away from the structure of a president coach. The Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, and Minnesota Timberwolves are the only franchises which still have coaches with the final authority in decision making.

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