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Broken Matt Hardy – Will That Character Ever Be Shown On WWE TV?

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In the words of Matt Hardy, “For me, it was very odd going back to regular Matt Hardy, Version 1, or Matt Hardy – Team Xtreme, it was tricky at first. It was hard to be me, which sounds strange, but it was because I got so used to doing my other thing.”

Things that I had created or morphed into, I almost became. I felt like a broken man having to go back to plain old Matt Hardy in many ways. It’s still within me. It’s still contained. I think when the time is right, I will unleash it again.” He also stated that he likes his chances of being able to use the broken characters on WWE and further added that when, not if, when it happens, it will be the most exciting thing to for WWE in a long time.

Will The Broken Gimmick Appear On WWE TV

Matt believes that there really is a chance that the broken character will be released on WWE TV, it’s only a matter of time. Although Ed Nordholm, the Executive Vice President of Anthem Sports & Entertainment and the current owner of the “Broken Universe” intellectual property states that WWE has no interest in the Broken Matt Hardy character, it seems odd that they would allow him to walk right up to the ring on RAW displaying all the Broken Hardys’ gimmicks. According to Dave Meltzer of F4WOline, Matt wouldn’t be able to do these things if WWE clearly didn’t have any interest in the intellectual property.

Even though WWE has recanted their stance on external origin of stories being used for their promotions, they don’t want to set any precedence for buying external stories that worked on other promotions. However, as the Hardy’s continue to go back and forth with Impact over the intellectual property, it’s not impossible to see Broken Brilliance breakthrough on to WWE TV.

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