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Can Samoa Joe defeat Brock Lesnar at Great Balls Of Fire?

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Brock Lesnar is a beast, everyone knows that, but Samoa Joe wants to tame that beast and become the champion of RAW. Joe has the muscle, quickness, dexterity and passion similar to that of Lesnar; however, he also understands how to ensure his challengers look good while building the suspense in his matches.

Samoa Joe in his encounter with Brock Lesnar needs to be fearless and intimidating, similar to his demeanor when he choked out the advocate of Lesnar, Paul Heyman. Joe was calm, he was manipulative and most of all he was crafty, these traits Joe has to engage in his match up for any chance of walking away with the win in this match.

Is Brock Lesnar Unbeatable?

Let’s not forget that Goldberg did defeat Brock Lesnar, but despite that fact, Brock Lesnar is considered unbeatable, due to his strength and aggressive athleticism, however, for wrestling fans, this can become boring, and stale once he is allowed to win every match he participates in.

This is where the excitement of Joe comes in, the massive Samoan needs to take the fight to the big beast, there is to be no mercy shown at each stage, The Samoan must make an example out of every person that gets in the ring with him leading up to the well promoted, anticipated Great Balls of Fire.

It’s Joe Time To Shine

Joe has to prove to the fans that he is undoubtedly a viable and worthy challenger for The Beast and remind them of his journey so far and all that he was willing to do and did in order to be the best. WWE must emphasize the view that Joe has earned his spot.

The mic is Joe’s friend, but he has to be better that he ever was, and the war of words leading up to day must be filled with excitement, suspense and aggressive back and forth between him and Lesnar’s advocate, Heyman, or even Brock himself. The interest in the match at this stage will only continue to grow and Joe can show why he is the submission machine in front of a sold out arena.

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